Lindsey sees doing hair as sculpture and makeup as painting, and feels so lucky to have found a career that she truly loves.

She attended her first art class at age five, started cutting and dying her friends’ hair in high school, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Graphic Design from The Rhode Island School of Design. She worked as a designer, retoucher and art director for a number of years in New York City, Phoenix and Seattle. In 2005 she found her true passion in hair and makeup, and has been working professionally in the industry ever since.

Lindsey prides herself on being a versatile stylist with an easygoing nature, boasting a broad range of skills from natural “barely there” looks to avant garde. She works predominantly in still photography and commercial video, but is very adaptable and feels comfortable in a variety of situations, having also worked in runway and celebrity styling among other mediums.